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The Western's
Coleman county legends


James Richard “Rick” Sikes
(August 5, 1935 - May 1, 2009)

From up and coming country music star to Leavenworth Prison inmate, to the Real Country Music Outlaw. During his career, Rick began with Rick Sikes and the Rhythm Rebels, created the first inmate ran recording studio and formed Rick Sikes and the Survivors, was friends with Willie Nelson. Rick embodied the rebel spirit until the end.

Coleman County Legend 2022

Gerald Dean Beard
(August 31, 1935 - April 4, 1989)

Rockabilly musician who gain local popularity during the 1950's. Became friends with Elvis Presley, joined The Champs, and brought together pop duo Seals and Crofts, before coming back to Coleman and getting his band Dean Beard and the Crew Cats back together.

Coleman County Legend 2022

Roxy Lee Gordon, First Coyote Boy
(March 7, 1945 – February 7, 2000)
Judy Nell Hoffman Gordon
(October 25,  1947 - July 21, 2022)

Musician, activist, poet, and artist are just a few words that describe Roxy Gordon. After Roxy married Judy, the two travelled the country learning about their heritage, writing about their culture, running music magazines, and meeting some interesting people along the way. Roxy was known for hits such as Crazy Horse Never Died and Some Things I Did. His friend Townes Van Zandt once said of Roxy, " “Roxy Gordon is a brother of mine. I don’t like the word ‘poet’; it is usually used too lightly. Roxy, however, is a real one. God bless him and the buffalo he rode in on.” During his life Judy pushed him to continue his work and, so, without Judy there would be no Roxy.

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