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The history of


In 2021, John Langley, of Fading Yellow Studios, had the idea to bring a film festival to Coleman after working with local film makers, Jason and Jeromy Watson, of Deguello Productions, on their debut film, Tales from the Chuckwagon.

John then approached Greg Palmer, of the Coleman Museum and Heritage Hall, about making his idea a reality. Greg was instantly on board with the project as he had wanted to put on a film festival as well. So, John and Greg got to work immediately and began getting everything in order to make this shared idea come to life. John and Greg had one major problem facing them at the start of the journey, coming up with a name for this film festival.

John Langley, Fading Yellow Studios

One day while discussing possible names, Greg grabbed a map of The Greatest Texas Cattle Trail. In big letter at bottom on the map was the name The Western. John and Greg knew right away that was the name that they needed to go with and on that day Coleman's very own film festival, The Western, was born. They also realized that it would pair perfectly with another activity in town, The Great Western Trail Days. Giving attendees of the film festival an opportunity to explore other exciting adventures while in Coleman.


John and Greg were excited to bring the art of film making to Coleman, but they didn't want this to be something that was for an exclusive group. They wanted to find a way to get others involved. Being a Colemanite and a Coleman High School graduate, John wanted to give the local Coleman County students the opportunity to showoff their creative sides and make their own short films. He pitched the idea to Greg who fell in love with it instantly and that's when The Western's local high school film festival was born.


With that being said, John and Greg, would like to invite everyone to come out and enjoy Coleman's first annual film festival

The Western on April 23 and the local high school film festival on April 22, 2022.


Tickets can be purchased in person at The Coleman Museum and Heritage Hall, every Saturday 10 am - 4 pm in the weeks leading up to the event or online at We look forward to seeing you there! 

Greg Palmer, Coleman Museum and Heritage Hall