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2022 Film Line Up


(Showtime: Friday April 22 @ 5:15 PM)

GOOD OL GIRL is a documentary western following a band of Texas cowgirls fighting to preserve their families' legacies amidst the environmental and gender upheaval of modern rural America.

Dean Beard Tribute

(Showtime: Friday April 22 @ 6:45 PM)

Dean Beard is not only a local legend but also a Rockabilly legend!  Come hear about the man that brought together Seals & Croft, that was friends with Elvis Presley, and the man that earned the nickname "The West Texas Wild Man"

Judge Yancey and the 17 Hand Mule

(Showtime: Friday April 22 @ 7:05 PM)

Based on a true story about a man named Jack Slate. He owned a livery stable and was known to raise fine quality mules. A circuit Judge tried to buy the mule. Jack didnt want to sell. The mule turned up dead a couple days later. Someone had fed broken glass to the mule. Jack suspected the judge and ambushed him to try and kill him.

Rick Sikes Tribute

(Showtime: Friday April 22 @ 7:30 PM)

Rick Sikes went from up and coming country music star to Leavenworth Prison to becoming The Real Country Music Outlaw. Come and learn about the legend himself with special guest Jan Sikes!

The Last Coyote

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 9:00 AM)

A young widowed bounty hunter finally catches the old outlaw who murdered her husband all those years ago and now has to decide between justice or vengeance.

Smoking Gun

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 9:30 AM)

A old bartender is ready to close up his bar due to tough times when a couple of previously rebel soldiers turned outlaws enter the bar and stir things up.

Monster In A Box

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 10:40 AM)

He did it for the role.


When carnival hucksters pull their act in the wrong town they get help from the most unlikely of performers.


(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 11:05 AM)

Catch that WUBLO!

It’s a race against time as seven kids scramble for custody of a mysterious alien creature.

Witness Protection

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 11:18 AM)

Shining a spotlight on everyone in the Witness Protection Program.

Work it Class!

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 11:22 AM)

During a fancy New Year's Eve party, two dancers will try to mock the upper class audience by changing the song of their performance.


(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 12:50 AM)

In Pflugerville, Texas, a community is faced with the challenge of unprecedented devolvement. As housing developers and commercial companies start to inch closer and closer to the farmland, the farmers are forced to wonder how long it will be until their way of life will disappear. Most of the farmers are left with land that has been used for farming over multiple generations. To them, the thought that a housing community would be built on the land they have farmed makes them despondent. Once the land is built on, there is no getting it back. It is gone forever.

Texas in The Fall

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 1:10 PM)

In the great state of Texas, apprentice mobman Jake Reneau is assigned his first hit contract - Andrea Mayer, the granddaughter of his boss and his date for tomorrow. Jake must wrestle with his growing feelings for Andrea while being pressured by his syndicate mentor, Samuel, to complete the job. As a compromise, Jake decides to make Andrea's last day the best day of her entire life. But as the coldness of Winter creeps into the warm city of Dallas, darkness seeps into the heart of this young man.

Tales from the Chuck Wagon

(Showtime: Friday April 22 @ 8:00 PM)

A film featuring the music of Cowboy singer Jeff Gore. A group of cowboys spend an evening around the chuckwagon telling the stories of where they came from. Jeff sings songs that compliment each cowboy's story.

Big Iron

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 9:10 AM)

An Arizona Ranger travels to the tiny town of Agua Fria to locate the deadly outlaw Texas Red. This western short film is inspired by the classic Marty Robbins song, “Big Iron.”

Filmed entirely in Austin, Texas by Iowa, Illinois, Texas, and Tennessee filmmakers.

Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 9:45 AM)

A bounty hunter in a post apocalyptic wasteland is hired to track down an outlaw. But he's not the only one out looking for her, and the job is nothing like he expected.

The Times We Were Living In

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 10:50 AM)

What's black and white and dead all over?

Something is rotten in Booneville. The Mayor turns up dead, and Detective Humphrey Trowell is uncovering a thicker and thicker web of lies. Will anyone come out of this wreckage alive?

Reverse Effects

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 11:15 AM)

David is horrified that he has sent his wife back in time.

Invisible Men Invade Earth

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 11:19 AM)

Two cats hold the key to Earth's survival.

Hope Actually

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 11:35 AM)

An alcoholic on the verge of an explosion, a gay guy in the closet engaged to a woman, a recently separated couple worried about appearances, wondering if the marriage can be saved, and a widowed woman and her son are guests at a wedding trying to find some hope and healing.


(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 12:55 AM)

Old family wounds cut deep as the blade wielded by a madman as he pursues hardworking oilman Jett Burke and his daughter across the vast expanse of a West Texas oil field

Indians, Outlaws, Marshals and the Hangin' Judge

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 1:35 PM)

After the Civil War, outlaws like the James Gang and the Dalton’s took refuge in Indian Territory, after robbing banks and trains and stagecoaches. That was before President Grant sent Judge Isaac Parker to the border town of Fort Smith, Arkansas and gave his federal court sweeping jurisdiction in territories as far away as Colorado. Parker’s deputy marshals could be as ruthless as the bandits they tracked. Those arrested alive were hauled to a jail known as Hell on the Border, where they awaited trial that often ended in death by hanging.

The Bank Robbery

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 3:00 PM)

A gang of incompetents outlaws tries to rob a bank.

Power of Prayer

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 3:12 PM)

A lone cowboy comes across an innocent girl as two men try to rape her. After he saves her, they swear they'll be back with more men and guns. When he brings her back to her kin, he learns that they are pacifists. They claim they "don’t not need guns; they have the power of prayer.” When the gunmen return, the cowboy tries to fight them. The kin try to stop him and use the power of prayer in a way he never expected.

The Map

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 3:25 PM)

Two shifty outlaws, Lucky Bill and Chuck Silver, retrace their steps in an attempt to find a buried treasure. Driven by greed and pride, the two piece together a rough looking, hand-drawn map and set out to find the hidden loot.

Only Escape

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 3:50 PM)

30 year old Sarah finds herself locked in her bedroom with no way out. She soon realizes she is not alone.

Harmonic Greed

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 4:20 PM)

After his harmonica is ruined, an unlucky, greedy street performer eyes down his competition in the park and attempts to steal his magical toy piano to get better tips from passersby.

The Bountress

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 4:58 PM)

A modern day western, ‘The Bountress’ follows the story of Leila, a troubled young rule breaker recruited into an academy where young girls are trained to kill. Essentially assassins on horseback, and in the secluded depths of the wilderness, Leila is soon to discover that the darkest secrets lay close to home...

Out of the Shadow

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 3:40 PM)

Three days after the death of the viking king, his two sons fight for the crown.

The Settler

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 4:00 PM)

'The Settler' follows the story of a Latino man named Juan, who has left his family behind and immigrated to the US in the hopes of a better life. While He's working hard and is bent on building his future, he faces social and emotional struggles.


(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 4:30 PM)

1800's western, Nolan goes to break his brothers out of jail, with the help of two other outlaw gangs...some comedy....great gunfight...ends well for towns people.


(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 5:10 PM)

It's 1870 in northwest Texas. After a bloody shootout in a hole-in-the-wall saloon, Texas Jack Slater, a notorious outlaw, kidnaps a widowed saloon girl, Zeta, and heads west. As fate would have it, the two come up on a chuck wagon and three cowboys traveling towards a cattle drive. After being invited in, by the cook, conditions quickly deteriorate when the cook discovers what has happen. To add fuel to the fire, Jack recognized one of the cowboys, as the man that sent him to prison years before. The stage is set for courage and luck to play out their hands in the deadly battle that is to ensue... "but even a losing poker hand can win if everyone else at the table folds".

The Birth & History of Western Swing

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 5:35 PM)

The quintessential story of America’s most joyous dance music, western swing got its start “where the west begins” in a ramshackle dancehall in Fort Worth, Texas during the depths of the Great Depression. It evolved with a spongelike ability to absorb a myriad of musical styles of black, white, rural and urban influences and transcend multiple ethnic boundaries to create an intoxicating musical gumbo. This landmark film traces its origins, development and legacy utilizing original and contemporary voices.


(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 7:07 PM)

A dinner party goes horribly wrong.

Make It Out Alive

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 7:00 PM)

A man defends his house from two intruders. He digs deep and unlocks something within himself that he didn't even know existed.

Bird Lady

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 7:12 PM)

In this short documentary, Kansas City filmmaker Carter Rostron explores the mystery surrounding a statue that has become known as the “Bird Lady.” For years, an assortment of small ceramic birds and other figures have appeared around the base of the statue. The documentary explores what’s been happening, what it means, and how it has become a beloved part of neighborhood folklore..

Not Your Day

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 7:35 PM)

Vic is having a really bad day. It gets even worse when a carjacker decides to jump into Vic's car and control his destiny. But the balance of power can change very quickly sometimes, and by the end of the ride the carjacker is the one having a really bad day.

Ghost Trippers

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 7:45 PM)

When a skeptical motel manager skips the Halloween parties for a quiet night at work, four amateur paranormal investigators arrive with a story too bizarre not to believe. Join Alex and the Ghost Trippers as they set off to find the ultimate proof of paranormal existence.

The Ballad of Emma Wright

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 8:35 PM)

Late 1800's - Housewife Emma Wright lives her life feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and "trapped" by her husband. Out in this small desert town, she dreams of moving to the more modern and fast paced lifestyle of New York city. Her husband, William Wright, is a hard working, caring, and honest man. Emma realizes there is no way she can ever leave this town or her husband for the big city life - unless of course, William's life is cut short.

Heroes Are Forever

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 7:40 PM)

Brenda is abducted while relaxing in the local park and taken into the woods and tied to a tree by the evil, mysterious Man In Black. Fortunately, a hero is lurking nearby and comes to her aid and rescues her. However, things are not always as they appear. One thing that never changes though is once a hero, always a hero.

El Cairo

(Showtime: Saturday April 23 @ 8:20 PM)

Mexico 1926. Durazo is an outlaw and a former revolutionary. He is getting at the end of the quest for a coveted treasure. His mission will be interrupted by an unexpected meeting, which will define his life´s path.

*Showtimes are approximated and subject to change

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