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2023 Film Line Up

1.1 Dangerous Ones.jpg

Dangerous Ones

(Showtime: Friday April 21 @ 6:30 PM)

A couple from New York City take a getaway trip to Texas, but unknowingly cross paths with the wrong kind of people.

The Line Jumper

(Showtime: Friday April 21 @ 8:36 PM)

Would YOU jump the line?

Roxy Gordon.jpg

A Town Full of Ghost
(Showtime: Friday April 21 @ 9:00 PM)

A couple invest in a tourist attraction town. but little do they know the hidden secrets.


Paid in Blood

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 9:37 AM)

Paid In Blood Short is a proof of concept short film to be used to secure further funding in order the full intellectual property of the same name, which follows the story of Weyland Mackenzie's path of revenge against ruthless outlaw joseph Cannon.

Blood is my Redemption.jpg
1.2 The Line Jumper.jpg

Roxy Gordon Tribute

(Showtime: Friday April 21 @ 8:44 PM)

Come and see a record performance of Roxy Gordon, First Coyote Boy!

1.4 A Town Full of Ghosts.jpg

Roxy Gordon Smaller Circles

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 9:30 AM)

A recorded performance of Roxy Gordon performing his hit, "Smaller Circles"!

Paid in Blood.jpg


(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 9:42 AM)

After years of being hunted by the law, an aged and weary Man in Black struggles to find meaning in his life. Yet hope remains in the company of good friend, who is determined to help the old cowboy regain his strength, pride, and humanity.

The Return: Wrath of the Ravishing

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 9:50 AM)

The outlaw Jagged Jane runs into a trio of women hellbent on revenge against an evil sheriff

The Hornet's Nest.jpg

The Hornet's Nest

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 10:07 AM)

The patriot Nancy Hart battles against the King’s men to defend her homeland in eighteenth century America.

Dust & Bolts

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 10:58 AM)

In a mechanical desert town, a group of bandits hijack a train carrying precious cargo. A reluctant deputy must seize the train or leave their town without power.

The Spat.jpg

The Shootist

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 11:05 AM)

A lousy shooter finds his secret sauce.

Rustlers Promendade.jpg

Il Duello

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 11:11 AM)

A bounty hunter rides for days looking for a bandit.... He finds him reveling in a saloon and decides to challenge him in a different way

Hollywood's Last Real Cowboy.jpg
Dust and Bolts.jpg

The Spat

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 11:02 AM)

A mysterious woman arrives to rescue a girl in distress

The Shootist.jpg

Rustlers Promenade

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 11:06 AM)

A gang of rustler's rob a group of unsuspecting country folk.

Il Duello.jpg

Hollywood's Last Real Cowboy: The Gene McLaughlin Story

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 11:21 AM)

The film, “Hollywood’s Last Real Cowboy: The Gene Mclaughlin Story”, features a world trick roping champion who was also an actor and stuntman on TV and in the movies. McLaughlin started performing trick roping on the Boardwalk in New Jersey as a young child and competed in rodeos and performed trick roping well into his late 80’s

Roxy Gordon Tribute

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 11:49 AM)

A recording performance of Coleman County Legend Roxy Gordon, First Coyote Boy!

Miracle in the Valley.jpg

The Bad, Bad, Bad Frankie Smalls

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 1:45 PM)

Are bad men born or made?

The baddest man on earth gets even badder when he meets up with the sheriff who killed his boyhood best friend.


Pete & Re-Pete

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 2:23 PM)

A zombie attack on three elderly men takes an unexpected turn when the zombie turns out to be an old friend. Again.


Warren's Gold

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 4:01 PM)

After his family gold is stolen, young cowboy Warren must decide how far to take his revenge.

Path of the Damned.jpg

The Water's Edge

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 4:29 PM)

Along the riverside of an 1830s landscape, ex-lovers Judith and Phillip re-unite after 10 years. When Phillip learns that he has a son with Judith, he begs her to run away with him. Judith must now decide between the life of adventure she always wanted and the life of love and safety with her child.

Robo Hills.jpg

The Law of the Land

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 5:37 PM)

A desperate man with a troubled past makes a life or death offer

Meet Me In The West.jpg

A Personal Errand

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 6:05 PM)

Henry Sullivan, a bounty hunter in post-civil war America, traverses the country in search of wanted outlaw Sylvester Reed. Unbeknownst to Reed, there may be more that connects the two of them than he realizes.

A Stable Holiday.jpg
Roxy Gordon 2.jpg

Miracle in the Valley

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 12:05 PM)

Thirteen year-old Melinda, born out of wedlock and scorned by many, desperately wants to know what happened to her real father, but no one in town will tell her.
Melinda’s mean stepfather, Maddox, is the richest man in the valley, and he lords his power over everyone, including her. Melinda’s mother is no help, having given up her faith and reason to superstition when Melinda’s real father went missing.
Melinda is sent to take care of her ailing Grandma Mary where she learns a long-forgotten language of the valley called "Boontling" and gets some clues about her past. When Grandma Mary suddenly passes away, Melinda returns home to the evils of Maddox.
Now determined to do all within her power to find her father, Melinda’s bravery compels some of the townspeople to reveal the dark secrets that they have kept to themselves for years.
Along with Boonville’s residents, Melinda learns that when you look for the truth, that’s where you’ll find grace.

The Bad Bad Bad Frankie Smalls.jpg


(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 2:01 PM)

They might be rich. But do they have what it takes to raise a dino?
An entrepreneurial mad scientist gathers the world's richest people to sell them his latest invention. Turns out, raising a baby dinosaur requires a lot more skin in the game than the trillionaires expected.

Pete & Re-Pete.jpg

Al Julian's Short World

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 2:39 PM)

We join storyteller and ramblin' boy Al Julian as he takes a typical day to walk us through an anthology of some of his favorite short films

Warren's Gold.jpg

Path of the Damned

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 4:18 PM)

After discovering the gruesome murder of his father, a farmer journeys into a nearby town where he discovers the secret past of his dad

The Water's Edge.jpg

Robo Hills

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 4:41 PM)

Robo Hills is a Time Travel/Sci-Fi/Old West film which follows the adventures of 3 or 4 Time Traveling friends from the year 2030 and their search to rid the Earth of demons who are taking human form.

The Law of the Land.jpg

Meet Me in the West

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 5:45 PM)

Trying to get back home to his daughter, a lost cowboy, Will, must obtain enough money for a horse in a town that might be more than he thought.

A Personal Errand.jpg

A Stable Holiday

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 6:28 PM)

Skeptic of sappy seasonal films, Sarah finds herself in the center of a holiday love movie with a twist.

A Ghost in Her Eyes

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 6:38 PM)

Traveling through canvases, cabins and time itself, a widower discovers the transformational vulnerability of new love in a bygone era.

A Ghost In Her Eyes.jpg
A Letter to Amelia.jpg

A Letter to Amelia

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 6:58 PM)

A person is haunted by the memory of their lost love.

Roxy Gordon: Western Local

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 7:01 PM)

Roxy Gordon's own short film, entitled "Western Local." Parts of this film were shot in Coleman County. We want to thank Roxy's son JC Gordon, who also filmed different clips within the film, for allowing us to play this amazing film by our 2023 Coleman County Legend!


The Ranger

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 7:46 PM)

In the 1800's, a grizzled, trail-worn Texas Ranger crosses paths with a mysterious young girl. The Ranger is a tortured soul, searching for his destiny. His life is about to change in ways he can't imagine

Savage Dawn.jpg

Dead West

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 8:04 PM)

A woman recounts her fateful meeting with Death itself.

The Powder Horn.jpg

Nail 32

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 8:35 PM)

Jasper 'Buck' Livingston made a decision that forever changed American cowboy culture. Buck's journey as a north Texas rodeo cowboy, rancher and preacher proved that even ordinary men can live a life filled with extraordinary purpose.

Feature Film Award.jpg
Short Film Award.jpg


(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 7:36 PM)

The story follows Liza, a woman dealing with severe compulsions and a strained family relationship as she tries to leave her house. She realizes she can’t when the house starts falling apart. Liza tries to put the pieces back together as her house and mental state crumble. Both end up completely falling apart in the end, only to reveal the twist

The Ranger.jpg

Savage Dawn

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 7:54 PM)

Tom Havis' life has been torn apart by a mysterious killer. Out for revenge, he stumbles upon a young woman whose secrets may just be the answers to his hunt.

Dead West.jpg

The Powder Horn

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 8:09 PM)

On his first night alone with the herd, a young cowhand is left with the terrifying tale of El Muerto, a horrifying local legend who he will ultimately come face- to-face with before the night is through.

Nail 32.jpg

Award Show

(Showtime: Saturday April 22 @ 10:30 PM)

Award Ceremony will be broadcasted on Facebook Live for those that cannot attend.

*Showtimes are approximated and subject to change

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