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2024 Film Line Up

Dark Hammock.jpg

The Dark Hammock

(Showtime: Friday April 19 @ 6:00 PM)

Coming of age film set in the early 1990's -
In a time of less connectivity but more adventure. Teenagers, Chad and Ryan, take another step toward their own perception of manhood and devise a plan to invite their girlfriends on a no-parents camping trip.
Things seem to be going perfectly when the kids stumble upon a duffle bag of money in the forest. The situation takes a turn for the worse when the suburban teens find themselves mixed up with a nefarious group of locals and their crime boss - the newly elected sheriff Baker.
Amongst all the chaos an evil presence lurks deep inside the forest. Two Vietnam vets and several townies are convinced the origins are extraterrestrial and not of this planet.
Set in South/Central Florida in the early nineties, Dark Hammock highlights the independent streak of the era and the importance of having your friends back. It’s a throwback to all the Latch-Key kids who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.

(Showtime: Friday April 19 @ 7:15 PM)

A young woman comes home from a trip to find her roommate attacked and bleeding on the floor...suddenly she realizes the intruder is still in the house!

Spectral Wind.jpg

Devil's Den

(Showtime: Friday April 19 @ 7:35 PM)

Clint, a bounty hunter, is saved by Marshal Slim, a grizzled old cowboy who then demonstrates how to slay a zombie.

Mister Creep.jpg

Spectral Wind

(Showtime: Friday April 19 @ 7:20 PM)

To prove the existence of a paranormal phenomenon, a parapsychologist must convince his psychic wife, who has quit her line of work due to a traumatic experience, to help him one last time.

Devil's Den.jpg

Mister Creep

(Showtime: Friday April 19 @ 7:45 PM)

Three college students stumble upon a secret television broadcast of a deceased serial killer and search for its location.

No Name & Dynamite

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 10:00 AM)

No Name and Dynamite starts as we meet the bounty hunting partnership of No Name (Northup) and Dynamite Davenport (Ting) who go their own way to collect the bounties, but help each other out when it comes to the more challenging bounties.

The Curmudgeon Factory.jpg

The Boy From Lookout Mountain

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 11:56 AM)

A young woman reminisces about her father.



Riding for the Missing

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 12:17 PM)

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls pandemic is a widespread crisis that primarily exists under the radar. At the Indian National Finals Rodeo, or INFR, participants used their platform to shed light on this issue.

Indian Rodeo Voices from the INFR.jpg

Feek's Vision

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 12:52 PM)

Rodeo champions Larry Mahan, Ty Murray, Clint Johnson, Deb Copenhaver, Dan Mortensen and many more share stories and historical details about the Tooke Bucking Horses and their profound impact on the sport of rodeo. Legendary stock contractors Harry Vold, Cotton Rosser and Mel Potter (Rodeos, Inc.), Matt Burch (Burch Rodeo), Sparky Dreesen (J Bar J) and Powder River Rodeo's Franzen family share their testaments to Tooke bred horses, many still winning champion titles today.
Traveling thousands of miles to capture original footage, Howie brings revered rodeo legends to the screen, sharing memories of their matches against Tooke bred horses in the arena.


Red Hat Ringo

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 2:44 PM)

When bandits attempt to rob a bank, an old bank teller warns them that they are about to cross paths with a legendary outlaw.

Ajò West!.jpg

Blood on the Rocks

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 2:55 PM)

In the snowy high country of 1874 Colorado, a Mountain Man discovers that starvation and frostbite are the least of his worries.

Craft Addicts.jpg

The Satchel

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 3:48 PM)

Riding aboard a steam locomotive in the heart of the Wild West, a mysterious traveler enlists the help of a seasoned outlaw to retrieve his stolen satchel, which contains a deadly secret.

When Luck Runs Dry.jpg

Britney Lost Her Phone

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 4:17 PM)

In 1802, a family's life will change forever when they stumble upon an iPhone.

Water and Blood.jpg

Bounty for Bernadette

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 6:18 PM)

Bernadette pulls her sled through a snowy mountain landscape in search of an outlaw with a big cash reward on his head. But when she finally finds him, her problems are just beginning.

The Redemption.jpg


(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 6:52 PM)

In this throwback to 1950s serialized westerns, our hero Jane Montana must face off against an archetypal villain named Buford and his gunslinging gang to save a damsel in distress, Gwen Goldenrod. It would be straight forward, if not for the space-age twist.

No Name and Dynamite.jpg

The Curmudgeon Factory

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 11:40 AM)

An old-timer asks himself if he has anything left to give. He finds the answer…in The Curmudgeon Factory.

The Boy From Lookout Mountain.jpg


(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 11:59 AM)

In the late 1890s a young man is traveling through West Texas with his father when he comes face to face with the untold truth about how his mother died.

NATIVE HOPE CHAMPIONS Riding for the Missing.jpg

Indian Rodeo:

Voices of the INFR

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 12:26 PM)

Beneath the dust and adrenaline of the Indian National Finals Rodeo, "Voices from the INFR" captures the spirit, struggles, and triumphs of Native American rodeo athletes. Through the eyes of barrel racers, cattle ropers, and a bareback bronc rider, the film unveils the grueling rodeo circuit, challenges faced by female athletes, and the profound significance of this event for Indian Country and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples Movement.

Feek's Vision.jpg

Tuco - The Texas

Wrestling Mystery Show

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 2:23 PM)

Tuco Guerra, a former World Champion Wrestler and his motley crew travel throughout Texas solving crimes and mysteries. While putting on a wrestling tv show in El Paso, a pair of thieves run past with millions in stolen treasure. Tuco teams up with Texas Ranger Luz to capture the thieves and retrieve the priceless treasure.

Red Hat Ringo.jpg

Ajò West!

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 2:49 PM)

Cody, a little Sardinian cowboy, and his friends arrive in the village of San Salvatore di Sinis, where they help a Mauthone amaze a flock of sheep to free the shepherd absorbed inside their wool. Whoever amazes the sheep wins a big prize!

Blood on the Rocks.jpg

Craft Addicts

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 3:31 PM)

This mockumentary takes a glimpse into the lives of crafting addicts, following the journey of one person in particular.

The Satchel.jpg

When Luck Runs Dry

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 4:03 PM)

A brave mining woman journeys to a cowboy town with hopes of revalidating her self-worth and earning her town's approval.

Britney Lost Her Phone.jpg

Water and Blood

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 6:00 PM)

Two outlaws on the lam in the old west, one of them considering changing his ways.

Bounty for Bernadette.jpg

The Redemption

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 6:33 PM)

After a man is beaten near death by three bandits, a woman sets out to get her redemption.

Spindletop - The Beginning.jpg


The Beginning

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 6:59 PM)

A young Pattillo Higgins leads two Union Soldiers on a chase which culminates in a showdown outside of town. Based on the real story of the man responsible for bringing the oil industry to Texas.

On Earth, as it is in Heaven

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 7:12 PM)

On a vast prairie on the outskirts of a Californian gold rush town, a sodden drunk wakes up to find himself alone with a badly beaten and bloodied young girl. Struggling to remember what happened between them, he confronts his deep self loathing, memories of violence and, perhaps most difficult of all, a rare opportunity for grace.


The Legend of Cactus Canyon

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 8:00 PM)

Notorious outlaw Pete McKay has almost found the long-searched-for treasure of Cactus Canyon. But when several other rascally opponents show up to claim the treasure as well, a showdown is inevitable.

The Church, Part 2, The Remnants.jpg

Showdown On The Brazos

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 8:30 PM)

Two Texas Rangers go after Nate Jones and his gang, partially out of duty, partially out of revenge for killing Captain Ryan's family.

On Earth, as it is in Heaven.jpg


(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 7:32 PM)

In the Far West, the fur trade is raging! Bloody Furry, one of the last red wolves, decides to avenge his exterminated family. But is revenge the best solution to find the way to redemption?

The Legend of Cactus Canyon.jpg

The Church, Part 2,

The Remnants

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 8:15 PM)

In the end there will be few.

Showdown On The Brazos.jpg

Award Show

(Showtime: Saturday April 21 @ 10:15 PM)

Winners will be announced through social media for those that cannot attend.

*Showtimes are approximated and subject to change

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